Advanced Computer Connections

Large Entertainment Company

case_study-4A large entertainment company was growing significantly after an acquisition. Point of Sale, communication and compliance issues needed to be addressed. They required a partner with skills and the innovation to solve a rare combination of technical issues.

The Advanced Computer Connections team worked as an integral part of the client’s staff plan to provide a turn-key solution to their unique business need. The result was increased revenue, a focused staff and efficiently solved IT issues. To guarantee success going forward, ACC monitors and supports the network and acts as an escalation resource to their IT staff.

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Business Need

A large entertainment company had become even larger after a major acquisition. Their network was growing significantly and was about grow even faster. Opportunities to leverage their data centers were apparent but better performance would be critical. In addition, they had increasing network communications and compliance issues that needed to be addressed. They also wanted to introduce point of sale (POS) applications into a large outdoor area with many locations where it would not be cost effective to install wiring. The CIO, IT Director and IT staff were all extremely competent and knew at a high level what had to be achieved. They needed a partner with the skills and innovation to solve a rare combination of technical issues.


ACC staff members and Leadership Team worked as an integral part of the client’s IT team. Beginning with brainstorming sessions, we collectively worked on a scalable solution that ACC, with our Wireless Connections division, was uniquely positioned to provide. As the client focused on their large POS implementation and other projects, we provided turn-key routing and switching solutions, controller-based Wi-Fi for indoor wireless needs, security configuration/change management and provided a WiMax component to provide end-to-end quality of service and security where it was needed. To facilitate the handoff, we provided peer training and updated the IT department’s documentation and internal monitoring systems. This enabled them to effectively troubleshoot their network. To guarantee success going forward, the ACC support center monitors and fully supports portions of the network through a customized service level agreement and acts as an escalation resource to their IT staff.

Technologies Involved

Data center and aggregation switching, security, indoor wireless, outdoor (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint) wireless solutions, monitoring

Support Services Involved

CIO services (planning, vendor and project management), engineering/design, project implementation, post implementation support, 24/7 operational support through the ACC support center and engineering.