Advanced Computer Connections

Logistics & Transportation Company

case_study-2A national logistics and transportation company viewed technology as a necessary evil. A key staff member in payables/receivables was asked to maintain their IT department as a secondary task. Her days were being consumed with IT requests and issues, affecting her primary responsibilities. On top of that, their software support contact often provided answers that needed translating or offered empty promises.

Advanced Computer Connections improved how technology was used their infastructure and bridged the communication gap with the software provider. The client chose ACC’s MyNet ™ Total Care so they could focus on serving their clients and ACC took care of the IT day-to-day support.

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Business Need

Like many small and medium businesses, this logistics and transportation company had people that were long tenured and working hard. Technology was looked at as a necessary evil and they were maintaining this with a key staff member who had this as a secondary task. She was extremely frustrated as her days were becoming consumed with interruptions of IT requests and the company leadership was becoming concerned that her primary responsibilities (payables and receivables) were obviously being affected. To add to her stress, she felt that they were getting nowhere with their software support contracts, as most conversations felt like they needed a translator and often they resulted in nothing more than empty promises or finger-pointing.


ACC started with a customized assessment, a process that involved looking at the technology as well as how key personnel used it. The assessment detailed problems with their infrastructure and showed that underutilization of their existing support contracts was simply due to the fact that there was a communication gap. They were not technical and their software company was unable to understand and to accept responsibility for the issues they were having. The client selected ACC’s MyNet™ Total Care so they could focus on serving their clients, while ACC provided IT executives, engineering and day-to-day IT support. This provided the support, reliability, flexibility and the cost structure that they needed. ACC representatives built a positive relationship with the software company resulting in continuous improvements. Payables and receivables were also improved and the company retained a valuable employee.

Technologies Involved

Security, remote access, EDI, SQL, backup/disaster recovery, server virtualization

Support Services Involved

CIO services (annual/quarterly planning, vendor and project management), engineering/design, project implementation, post implementation support, 24/7 operational support through the ACC support center and engineering.