Advanced Computer Connections

Regional Financial Institution

case_study-3A regional financial institution wanted to focus more on serving their membership. In order to do this, they desperately needed to update their technology and improve their IT budgeting/planning while keeping within industry compliance. Things had to become easier to use and more reliable for their members and employees alike.

Advanced Computer Connections provided guidance with a road map on how they could meet their objectives. ACC’s MyNet Total Care allows this business to focus on meeting their clients’ needs while ACC takes care of the IT day-to-day support.

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Business Need

A regional financial institution wanted to focus on serving their membership. To do this, they understood they needed to improve the technology that they were using to do so. In addition, they needed a good way to improve IT budgeting/planning, keep in compliance with industry regulations, and make their technology more reliable and easy to use for their employees and members.


ACC started with a customized assessment, a process that involved looking at the technology as well as how key personnel used it. The assessment detailed what they had, how they were actually using it and provided a roadmap of the changes that would be made to meet their objectives. The client also selected ACC’s MyNet™ Total Care so they could focus on serving their clients. ACC serves as a strategic partner providing IT executives, engineering and day-to-day IT support, while their technology coordinator focuses on immediate need and compliance issues. As the client continues to grow, we work hand in hand to ensure the infrastructure is able to meet their needs.

Technologies Involved

Routing/switching, data storage, server virtualization, backup/disaster recovery, security, remote access, wireless, IP telephony, monitoring, reporting, asset and patch management.

Support Services Involved

CIO services (annual/quarterly planning, coordinating with third parties and project management), engineering/design, project implementation, post implementation support, 24/7 operational support through the ACC support center and engineering.