Advanced Computer Connections


ACC’s colocation services are a cost-effective solution to meet your network needs. We can build a custom solution for you, or help you setup an existing server that you already own.

By colocating at ACC’s Data Center you will receive all our existing Data Center benefits such as:

Lower Costs

Eliminate the cost of developing, designing, and building a new Data Center. Eliminate the cost of remodeling and maintaining your existing Data Center. Building and maintaining a Data Center can be very expensive. You need to ensure a stable power supply and emergency back-up systems. The climate needs to be carefully monitored and controlled. Use our secure facility that was already designed and built by our network engineers specifically for Data Center purposes at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce your personnel and security expenses. Your staff can work on projects that will improve IT and the systems you have instead of worrying about the operational side of things and whether or not a server is running. Take advantage of our professional staff that is trained and experienced with running a Data Center.

Save Time

It takes time to develop, design, and build a Data Center. Outsourcing your Data Center to ACC can reduce this time from months to hours or days. The infrastructure is already in place. Let your professional staff spend more time working on the tasks to generate increased revenue.

Internet Connectivity

As an Internet service provider that owns and operates its own network, Advanced Computer Connections combines bandwidth with redundant, high-speed connections to the Internet. Our system automatically selects the fastest way to move your data – and even switches to another Internet backbone carrier if a provider goes down.

You retain full administrative rights and access to your servers whenever needed. Our Help Desk and Network Engineers are always available to assist in any way they can.