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Email Services

80% of all email is spam. How much is this costing your business?

ACC can host your Company’s email services or provide Spam and Virus filtering services for your existing email server. With 80% of all email consisting of SPAM both of these services have major benefits.

Hosting your email services will provide spam and virus free email that you can access from any email client or web browser. This is beneficial for businesses who don’t want the overhead of an email server along with the technical resources to manage it.

Our Spam and Virus services can be provided to any client, regardless if they host their email with us. Simply put, we filter the junk from all incoming email before we send it to your existing email server. Since about 80% of the email traffic that was destined for your email server is junk, we are also increasing the efficiency of your Internet bandwidth.

With either of these services we are here to help every step of the way. We will work directly with other ISP’s and Postmasters to resolve any issues related to spam and the non-delivery of legitimate email.

Our technology is great, but our personal, professional service makes the difference.

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