All my files are encrypted! Now what?

combo-lock-01If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve just likely discovered yourself a victim of the latest CryptoWall malware which has been causing major headaches recently.

First things, first…  If any systems are showing a pop-up talking about encrypted files, disconnect the network cable immediately to prevent any possible further problem.  Then, immediately involve your IT support staff, whether internal or outsourced, to discuss your options.

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XP End of Life

Please read the text below and pay special attention. This text can be found online at XP End of Life. The language may sound a little scary but as a small to medium sized businesses we have time to address these issues before the end of support date. However, it is very common with things like this that there can be a high demand for support as we get closer to the End of Life date so ACC is reaching out to our customers now to get the ball rolling ahead of time.


Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003?

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Do you know if Tor is on your network?

According to recent Application Usage and Threat Report (AUTR) data, Tor is present on 19% of enterprise networks.  You can see the latest AUTR data from Palo Alto Networks at  If you want to find out more of what is going on with your network and applications, ACC can setup a demo of Palo Alto Networks. ACC will then provide you an Application Visibility Report.  Check it out today and you will be surprised!



Securing a Hybrid Cloud Model

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Some great reading and information provided by Danelle Au with Palo Alto Networks for what to consider for securing a hybrid cloud model.  The complete article can be found at Does A Hybrid Cloud Require Hybrid Security?   In the article there are 3 points of information to ask yourself such as:

  • What type of data will you keep in the cloud?
  • How secure is your cloud partner?
  • What security architecture to consider?

Want to know more about your security options?  ACC has specialists to help assist with your questions and help get you to the right solution to meet the business needs.


A Computer for College

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Denao Ruttino is now a guest writer for the NCBJ (North Coast Business Journal) Denao will submit articles about Information Technology subjects and helpful advice.  The NCBJ is released once a month and services the Ohio Northcoast region for areas of Sandusky, Huron, Port Clinton, Fremont, Vermilion to name a few.

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