Advanced Computer Connections


Advanced Computer Connections can help you do more with less.

ACC Professionals are capable of providing virtualization solutions that make it possible for you to do more with less. Virtualization creates pools of shared resources to eliminate server sprawl, conserve energy, eliminate old hardware, and conserve management resources. These are the top reasons why our customers have already applied virtualization technology to their environments.

Additional benefits:

  • Improves disaster recovery
  • Enhance high availability of applications
  • Reduce capital and operational costs
  • Simplify management
  • Meet service levels efficiently

If some of these reasons sound familiar to you, then ACC can help!

Our partnerships with Microsoft and VMWare allow us to provide you the best solution to fit your needs. Virtualization uses software to transform one server into multiple servers. Virtualization technology distributes hardware resources transparently so that numerous operating systems can run at the same time independently.