New Obstacles

New Obstacles


We are now 3 months into “stay-at-home” orders from our government. It’s mind boggling to think back to the new year and how much was going to change in the following months. Not just as individuals, but as employee’s and leaders within a business. A lot of obstacles to cross and very tough decisions to be made. You may be finding out that you have a great team of people within your company who are making tough but correct decisions and are having a positive impact on your business. Or you may be thinking that there is something missing within your company and are having trouble understanding what’s best. The impact that COVID-19 is having on the entire world is changing everything about how we live and work. The one thing that will stand out in the end, is how we dealt with these new obstacles.

Every company is going through some kind of changes. Some industries will have to conform to a completely different style and create an all new atmosphere. Amongst all these changes that may be happening, you do not want to put your IT security on the back burner. Think about the future impact that could have on your network. Leaving your network vulnerable to hackers is very high risk and not recommended. Ask yourself this question before making that very WRONG decision, “Am I prepared to take full responsibility when/if a data breech occurs?” Are you prepared to tell your customers/clients that their information was compromised? The courts will hold YOU responsible for the data breech because you didn’t take the necessary measures needed to protect your customers data. This may seem like an edgy scare tactic, however take into consideration that here at ACC, we have seen and helped a lot of local businesses throughout our 30 years in the industry. These things happen following a leadership team that makes the wrong IT decisions. One common IT choice that is being explored since the start of stay-at-home orders is the transition of office to home.

According to a survey done by Mercer, 74.29% of companies will review remote working as a workforce priority during the next 3-6 months and 78.5% of companies have handled the culture and workplace change to working virtually as low impact with few to no issues transitioning to virtual working. What steps have you taken since the start of COVID-19 in Ohio? Is your business remote? Are you going back to the normal office setting soon? ACC has been all remote since March with occasional techs working on site. We have plans to be back to normal office setting and hours in early June. Whatever your plans are, ACC is listening and just a phone call away. We are all in this together. Stay healthy!

Stephanie Beamer

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