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Stay Healthy


Woah, what a date. What a time to be alive, right? Any who, I’m back with another conversation around IT. Do you remember the first computer you owned? I grew up in the 90’s and I do vividly remember when my father brought home our first desktop computer. There was no internet yet, but that would soon follow. Now, technology isn’t just a desktop computer with no internet. The tech industry has grown rapidly and is still continuing that growth faster than ever. In IT, changes occur very frequently; it keeps you on your toes. Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to find information even amidst consistent software updates and firewalls. It is very important for small businesses to trust their IT team/provider to be prepared for any occasion. Hackers already WFH and do not take time off, not even for COVID.

Even during the pandemic, IT has had to adapt to the changes taking place in our industry and the industries we service which has a direct effect on our company in a number of ways. Our techs are on site wearing masks and gloves and frequently sanitizing. Our staff is WFH. All of our communication with each other is virtual. Communication with our customers is mostly virtual. Networking has also been all virtual. Many businesses are now considering to WFH full time.

A survey done by Mercer found that 54.29% of companies say they’ve encountered employees experiencing mental health issues on account of social isolation and economic anxiety and consider it a remote working challenge. Even though we have the option to virtually connect, it is not enough for those who suffer with mental health. Employee’s should know how and who to contact locally for help. Offer your employee’s health care information from the company health insurance provider. Such a small act of kindness that can have such a great impact

What ways has COVID affected your business and industry? In the health care industry, 97.73% of facilities enhanced cleaning and disinfection of the workplace, 90.91% are providing facemasks, 88.64% are providing personal protective equipment including gloves and gowns, 65.91% are implementing OTHER measures to improve social distancing, and 75% conducting employee COVID 19 screenings and assessments. There’s many other avenues health care is exploring to help keep their employee’s safe and healthy, these are just some changes that one industry is experiencing. Similarly, most other industries have also implemented some health and safety regulations that were not already in place for employees and consumers. What is your new normal?

Stephanie Beamer

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