Your Computer Network Is Being Haunted

And It’s Worse Than Ghosts and Goblins

Your small business is under attack. Right now, extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings are using sophisticated techniques to hack into thousands of small businesses to steal credit cards, blackmail you to recover data and swindle money directly out of your bank account.

Stay Healthy

Woah, what a date. What a time to be alive, right? Any who, I’m back with another conversation around IT. Do you remember the first computer you owned? I grew up in the 90’s and I do vividly remember when my father brought home our first desktop computer. There was no internet yet, but that would soon follow. Now, technology isn’t just a desktop computer with no internet. The tech industry has grown rapidly and is still continuing that growth faster than ever. In IT, changes occur very frequently; it keeps you on your toes.

Cybercriminals Are Counting On You Letting Your Guard Down During This Global Pandemic – Here’s How To Stop Them

You can bet there’s one group that’s not slowing down at all. In fact, they’re probably working overtime while the rest of us have our lives turned upside down. Cybercriminals and hackers know there’s no better time to strike than during a global crisis. While you are distracted and spending your time trying to make sense of this new normal, they are finding new ways into your IT network so they can steal data and passwords, compromise your clients’ private information and even demand large ransoms.